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                                                Oneness in Marriage

                                                            ...becoming one as in

                                                            Genesis 2:23-24

What does that look like? How do we become one in every area of our lives together? How do two complete different people become one?  

God has put us together, to complete each other.  Where the other person is weak the other is strong, it's like a puzzle, two parts fitted together to create one perfect piece.  

Let's learn how to work together with our weaknesses and strong points and learn how to build each other up in our marriages. We need to learn how to cherish each other, have fun together, create an atmosphere of intimacy in our marriages, celebrate one another at all points in our journey together! God has giving us our spouse as a gift, we need to see our marriage as God see's it. 


Let's get together and learn how to please God in our marriages! 


Please join us on Friday evenings in our home, in Trumbull, as we explore Oneness in Marriage.
                                                 ~Nelson & Carolyn 


The Huntington Chapel Marriage Ministry

Nelson & Carolyn Rivera

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